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 Rules (MUST READ!!)

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PostSubject: Rules (MUST READ!!)   Tue Aug 24, 2010 11:09 pm

These are the rules for playing on this site. You must follow these rules, but some will not be as harsh a punishment than others.

1: Absolutly NO sexually explicit matirial. This is a violation of the forum agreement, and will be enforced strictly, leading to a harsh ban or atuomatic deletion.

2: No Godmoding. Godmoding is taking control of other characters and making your character invincible. They may be strong, but they aren't Superman. This will also be enforced strictly.

3: No chat wars. These disrupt the peace of others, so please pm an admin with your problem, and we will try to work it out peacefully.

4: You may not take and use a character's appearence from different games, anime, manga, movie, or book. The Final Fantasy costumes must be approved by an admin in a pm.

5: All characters in the Final Fantasy are not living at the time of these events. The amount of time vairies from world to world, but at least 50 years have passed.

6: You must have an approved character to be able to post. To participate in the following occupations, you must also have an approved weapon: SOLDIER; AVALANCHE; SeeD; Galbadia Soldier; Esthar military; Alexandrian, Lindblum, and Bermician guard; Temple guard; Archadian, Dalmascian, and Nabradian slodier; and Sky Pirate.

7: Death is permanent. You may not kill a player's character unless you have permission of both the character's controler and the admin. You need both to kill a character. To kill your own character, you must have one(1) person or more agree to kill them, and an admin's approval.

To know that you actually read all of this, I want you to send this to me in a pm: "The rules are boring, let's start the action!" Thank you.
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Rules (MUST READ!!)
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