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PostSubject: Summonings   Sat Aug 28, 2010 5:34 pm

This is for the people who want to be able to summon the espers, Gardian Force, Elodians, and Summon materia.

There will be no summons, to an extent. All Summon Materia are very well hidden, for only I(Airen) know where they are, and will use none of them for myself. As for the Guardian Force(GF), Luna will make an Agreement Code for anyone who wants to have a GF. For the Elodians, only those from the Royal House or is related to Eiko in some way, and Guardian Garr will have the list for that. For the Aeons, rigorous training is required to become a Summoner. Again, Luna will have the training regime for that. As for the Espers, They are even tougher to find, and, again, I have the knowledge of whare to find them and will not use them.

You may ONLY have the type from your home world. Also, to keep it fair, a person is only allowed ONE Summon at any time, even the Summoners.
Thank you for your time.
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