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 World of 10 Character App

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PostSubject: World of 10 Character App   Tue Sep 07, 2010 11:57 am

*Please read over this before you copy the code at the bottom.... thanks for looking first! Now lets get started with the stuff.*

ENTER FIRST NAME HERE: You might be wondering....but all the bolded stuff needs to be your name.
[I need you to add your picture here...everyone must have one to be approved! so under your name please!]

World: You might be wondering why....well it get's less confusing just for you to state it now.

Age: Some Jobs have a certen age to be able to get into....don't forget to look!

Gender: Pick one...Male or Female?

Race: Are you a Human, Ronso, Guado, or Al Bhed?

Appearence: This is where you tell us about what you look like. The picture isn't enough! You must put in at LEAST this much in: Height, Hair color, Eye color, Normal clothes, Body structure. This equals to about 6 sents. This will give you a C- in a grading scale, a pass but barely...

Personality: We want to know what your character is like. To help out, use these to start you off: Likes, Dislikes, Fears, Act in battle, Out of battle, What makes you annoyed? Follow this and you should get about 6 sents. This will give you a C- like I said before.

Strenghts/Weaknesses: Tell us what you're good at. Is it your strenth, speed, your lone wolf personality? And same with your weakneeses. What do you do really badly?


Hometown: Where were you born? It doesn't have to be the same place as where you are now!

Curent Place: Tell us where you are now. What island or main part of Spira do you call home?

History: Tell us your past and all the way up to now! No forgotten life, and nothing that makes no sence. If you own a shop explain how you got it (Make it sound good!).

Sample Post: Give us an example of how you will be posting....please keep it in 3rd person point of view!

[center][color=#00CCFF][font=Georgia] [size=24]ENTER FIRST NAME HERE[/size][/font][/color]



[color=cyan]Gender:[/color] Pick one...Male or Female?







[color=cyan]Curent Place:[/color]


[color=cyan]Sample Post:[/color] [/center]
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World of 10 Character App
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