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 World of 7 character template

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PostSubject: World of 7 character template   Tue Sep 07, 2010 6:19 pm

*Please read BEFORE you make your character. Copy the code at the bottom of this template to get started, but please, I beg you, READ!! before you copy the code.*

First and last name here!!!: We need your name so we can identify you. Please type it like this: FIRST NAME LAST NAME; Airen Sandeo.

Age: We need the age your character is. This will determain what jobs you can go into.

Gender: Pick one...Male or Female?

Job: How do you make income? To own a shop, talk with Luna, and you can't start as a Class 1 SOLDEIR. I won't allow it.

Speicies: Are you a human or one of read XIII's kin? This is also very inportaint as to how you interact. If you are one of Red XIII's kin, you will have a different weapon than a human.

Appearance: What do you look like? A picture is welcome, but you still need the basics: Height, Hair color, Eye color, Normal clothes, Body structure.

Personality: What does your character act like? What are his/her likes, dislikes, fears? please have a minimum of 6 scentances.

History: What is your past? How did you get here? If your a shop owner,, how did you get the shop and when?

Hometown: Where are you from? This is not where you are now, though the two could be the same or similar.

Current Area: Where are you now? Jobs move you around, so take that into account.

Sample Post: How are your going to post? please keep it in third(3rd) person point of veiw. Please make it at least 5 sentances.

Thank you for taking the time to read this template. please copy the code below to start your character.

[color=#00CCFF][font=georgia][size=24]First name last name[/size][/color][/font]

[color=cyan]Age: [/color]


[color=cyan]Job: [/color]

[color=cyan]Speicies: [/color]

[color=cyan]Appearance: [/color]

[color=cyan]Personality: [/color]

[color=cyan]History: [/color]


[color=cyan]Current Area:[/color]

[color=cyan]Sample Post:[/color]
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World of 7 character template
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