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 Shops/ Josbs for world 7

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PostSubject: Shops/ Josbs for world 7   Mon Sep 13, 2010 11:42 pm

Alright! Welcome to World 7...most of the stuuf in here are Jobs you need to sign up for! So lets get started! (Codes are at the bottom...)

Soldier: Well we all know what it is and that the people in it know! But if you wish to be in it don't forget to make an app!

Avalanche: Again you'll have to make an app for this as well. Not everyone's gonna get in nor will they just be tossed aside. Only great apps get in here!

Mercanary: Well what more do I need to say? You get paid based on other people's and the job you get. Most people will more then likely flow into here...

Chocobo Rancher: This will be one of the hardest spots go get into...You need to know your chocobos and the greens. After'll be taking care of them. And this is the one that pays more...whoever has a chocobo has to pay for it!

Shops: So in this one is pretty simple...only so many people can ask for the main shop kepper...but that doesn't mean you can't hire if you wish! Here is the list of shops you can apply for:

Weapons Shop
Items Shop
Inn owner

Please remember that these are (For now) the only things you can have...if you have an idea for the Shops, please PM Luna (That's me!) your idea. You may apply for two things but keep in mind that Chocobo Ranchers will only have 4 people 'til more are neede. You need to tell Me why you should be in this Job/ Shop owner...Talk about your history in here if you must (But keep in mind that you'll have to talk about it in your history as well..). Now for the codes!

[color=orange]Job/ Shop applying for:[/color]
[color=orange]Compelling reason to have it:[/color]
[color=orange]Long term or short?:[/color]
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Shops/ Josbs for world 7
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