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 Shops/ Jobs of World 8

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PostSubject: Shops/ Jobs of World 8   Mon Sep 13, 2010 11:45 pm

So you think you might want a job? There are tones of other people fighting for the same thing! But what are you looking to do? Well let me explain on the kinds of jobs you can pick from in this world.

You have Your SeeD members, which is a job in itself. It doesn't really matter which garden you're from, as long as you go to one that is your job and you can't own a store. As a student you get a set amount every week. Once you be come a SeeD and start missions then the pay goes up.

Now you all don't have to be a SeeD. You can be in the military under either Galbadia or Esthar. Again this would be a job and you couldn't become a shop owner. But keep in mind you get those flash uniforms and the chance to beat up those SeeDs.

Now for the Shop owners. As stated many times you can not be either a SeeD or in the milatary. But as a Shop owner you get to pick form this list:
Hotel manager
Weapons Shop
Items Shop

To be able to apply for these you must use this code and make a topic in here (Not Approved/ Taken'll never be able to post in there anyway...):

[color=orange]Charater name: [/color] 
[color=orange]Kind of Store:[/color]
[color=orange]Number of Employees:[/color]

*Now remember not to make too many open jobs if you can't handle it....Most of the people will more then likely become SeeDs or military so don't worry, but if you don't want to be any of them you better get a shop while it's still open! [And don't apply here in if your going to military.....that goes in your Character Applications]*
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Shops/ Jobs of World 8
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