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 Shops/ Jobs for World 9

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PostSubject: Shops/ Jobs for World 9   Tue Sep 14, 2010 12:02 pm

Welcome to the wonderful of 9! This place is like no other (Well just like any other one I guess...) Lets get started to what you can be!

The Guard Alexandria, Lindblum, Danganero, Terran, and Trino. These are the three cities/ Kingdoms you can apply for. Well do you really care about defending the other places? This place is going to definatly take the most applications so don't be scared to apply!

The [color=cyan]Tantulus[/colol] is a musical group/ actors. These are the character personalities that we're taking:
The Know-It-All
The Drama Queen/ King
The Quiet Type
The Hard Worker
The Fighter
The Boss

These are the only open place that I can give you at the moment. The kind's of actors are based off your own personality, not what you want to be. The head person WILL make the plans on how to do all the stuff...(It will be kinda funny to see everything play out when you make a play somewhere!)

Shops will be important through out the whole thing. Think about else are you going to get better stuff? Well here are the things you can own/ want to be in:

Now don't worry and apply for things here! You never know what you might be able to be! Now here's the code you need to copy:

[color=orange]Charater name: [/color] 
[color=orange] Wanted Job:[/color]
[color=orange]Reason why you are good for it:[/color]
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Shops/ Jobs for World 9
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