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 Shops/ Jobs for World 12

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PostSubject: Shops/ Jobs for World 12   Tue Sep 14, 2010 12:08 pm

For those who want to be in the Military, there are three choises: Rabanastre, Burjuban, and Archadian military

Rabanastre Military: This is usually the Royal Guard and Imprisonment control; however, there are some who are scout and warband divisions. You need to specify which one you fall under.
Royal Guard: 4 spots: (open)
Imprisonment: 5 spots: (open)
Scouts: 4 spots: (open)
Warband: 7 spots: (open)

Burjuban Guard: This is only Royal Guard and City Guard. Again, you must specify which one you are on.
Royal Guard: 3 spots: (open)
City Guard: 10 spots: (open)

Archadian Military: This is majorly different than the prior two. You may choose from the City Guard, War soldier, Judge, and judge Magistrate. For Judge and Jude Magistrate, you need permission to aquire this position. Contact Airen for more details and Template.

City Guard: 5: (open)
War Soldier: 20: (open)
Judge: 10: (open)
Judge Magistrate: 5: (open)

For those who'd rather be out of the law, Sky Pirating is your option. However, these will be limited to 3 for now, but those are only the leader! if they let you, you may join a Sky Pirate; but there can only be 3 others with the leader.

For those who still want the fight, but to get paid for it, join a Hunter's Guild. Clan leaders are few, so hurry and and decide if you want to be one! This job doesn't require a different job, but it is recommended.
Guild Head: 3: (open)
Guild Member: 10 per Guild: (open)

Airship control/repair is for those who like to be in the air and travel a lot. Airship control includes the hosts and hostesses as well as the pilot. repair includes the onboard and offboard mechanics. To apply to one of these, please contact Airen.

Airship pilot: 3: (open)
onboard mechanic
offboard mechanic

Now for the shops. Unlike in most of the places, this world ahs much to offer. Here is the list:
Just remember that there can only be one owner per town.

Now for the code. Remember to fill it out and make a new topic for it!:

[color=orange]Charater name: [/color] 
[color=orange]Job Wanted: [/color]
[color=orange]City: [/color]
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Shops/ Jobs for World 12
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