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 Character Applications For World of 12

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PostSubject: Character Applications For World of 12   Fri Sep 24, 2010 10:05 am

ENTER FIRST AND LAST NAME HERE: You might be wondering....but all the bolded stuff needs to be your name. ex. Jerry Coleman.

[I need you to add your picture here...everyone must have one to be approved! so under your name please!]

Age:We need The age of your character to determine what kind of jobs you can have.

Gender: Pick one...Male or Female?

Job:How do you make your income?To own a shop please talk with luna,to be a skypirate you will need to apply.

Speicies: Are you a: Hume, Viera, Bangaa, Garif(under certain conditions), or Seeq?

Appearance: You need to describe what you look like, Even if you have a picture.

Personality: Be descriptive. What do you act like in and out of battle? Around your friends; enemies?

Hometown: Where are you from?

Current Location: You don't need to be in your hometown, but it has to be on the world you start on.(Also, Lemures is off limits for right now...)

Sample Post: We need to test your ability to post.(Senior members don't need this part.)

Thank you for joining world 12. Please copy this code and make an new topic. Do NOT reply to this topic.


[color=cyan]First And Last Name Here[/color]:

[color=cyan]  Age:[/color]

[color=cyan]Gender:[/color] Pick one...Male or Female?






[color=cyan]Current Location:[/color]
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Character Applications For World of 12
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