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 ~Tori Haru

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Character Name: Tori Haru
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PostSubject: ~Tori Haru   Mon Oct 18, 2010 12:46 am

Tori Haru

World: World 8

Age: 18

Gender: Femlae

Appearence: Tori's hair is a shade darker then pink, almost a reddish purple color. When it's down her hair reaches past her shoulders, bangs hanging just above her dark colored purple eyes. Tori stands about 5 foot 4 with skin nicely tanned from being out and about. Her shoulder are small, giving her the look of a delicet girl. Her eyes, already noticable from the color, seem bigger then normal. They seem to stare at you with different emotions at once, but mainly of concern. She holds herself with pride of what she has become. Even her sighs show this. Normally Tori wears tall black boots and tight black pants. Her shirt is a dull blue with a light grey jacket that goes just past her chest. She keeps her hair up in a ponytail letting only the bangs fall.

Personality: Tori is a very proud and storng willed girl. She takes what she does seriously. Even when she fights it shows. When her mind isn't concernd with work she tends to keep herself alert and ready. In this line of work you never know what might happen. Tori gets very annoyed with people who don't at least try and reach their gloals. She dislikes people who think they can get away with everything their way or who go lone wolf on her; also adding to her list of annoyence. But there aren't many things she really likes either. But what she does love is rain and the feeling of flying.

Strenghts/Weaknesses: Her strenght's would be her stanima. She can continue throught things that many others would just fall flat on their faces in defeat. Her weekness would be her pride.

Job: SeeD Member

Hometown: Balamb

Curent Place: Balamb Garden

History: Tori was born in the city of Balamb. She had a fairly good childhood with nothing much on her mind. But watching the students form the garden pass by for their SeeD exams always intrested her. Once Tori had turned ten her perents let her head on over to the garden to. Tori was an exelent student and passed most of her exams with flying colors. It was no suprise that she took the SeeD exams at the age of 16. Only two years later she is helping out where she is needed most. Be it on SeeD missions or helping out on SeeD exams.

Sample Post: Tori was walking up to the main gate of the Garden. She had just come back form visiting her parents in Balamb. The Garden seemed to loom over her, telling Tori that there was someting much bigger then just her running the place. It was a reminder of all their hard work. And the newer SeeD canadates were soon going to take their exams. This time always made her so excided. Tori closed her eyes and smiled. "I can't wait to see their faces in a real fight. It's an eye opener...for sure."
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PostSubject: Re: ~Tori Haru   Wed Oct 20, 2010 4:51 pm

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~Tori Haru
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