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 Being hired

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PostSubject: Being hired   Wed Oct 20, 2010 10:21 pm

Airen approached the man on the far side of the town. he was cloaked and needed to blend more, or so Airen thought. "What do you want, stranger?" Airen asked gruffly. "All I want is to hire you for a job back in Midgar. The stranger made a gesture, showing his bag full of Gil. Airen smiled ruefully. " what do you want me to do? An assasiation? War?" Airen was running off the things he could do. "You'll see when you get there." was all he said. He gave Airen the bag, and walked off. Airen looked in the bag to find it only half full. 'Well, too late now....' Airen went and packed his things, heading to Midgar.
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Being hired
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