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 Dorm Applications

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PostSubject: Dorm Applications   Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:47 am

Alright this is less of an application and more of a lets-just-post-in-here-with-what-I-want-and-hope-to-get-it.
So this is What I need you to do if you want your Dorm life to be a noce one:
1. Tell me your name [Your Character name at least]
2. Your age
3. Male or Female
4. Roomate [Do you care if it is a male or female? Do you have to have a sertan kind of person with a personality?]

*You can't have a single dorm unless you're a SeeD Member! So think over what kind of person you might like to have share the room with you carefully*
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Dorm Applications
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