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 Template for a weapon application

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PostSubject: Template for a weapon application   Wed Aug 25, 2010 6:51 pm

To obtain a weapon, there are some things to follow. First, the weapon you first obtain is going to be weak. You may not apply for a strong weapon, like ultima weapon. Well, you can, but it will never get approved. Also, you may have one weapon, and

ONLY one weapon unless otherwise informed.
Please follow this template to make your weapon.

Weapon Group: What does this fall under? Is it a sword, dagger, staff?

Weapon Name: What is the name of the weapon?

Weapon Tier: What level is your weapon. To start, you can only have a Tier one(1) and if your Character application is good, a Tier two(2) weapon. For other tiers, you must have a minimum number of acceptable posts.

Weapon Place of Origin: Where did you get this weapon? Some weapons are exclusive to each world. For World 7, it is Giant Shuriken. For World 8, it is the Gunblade. For World 9, it is Swallow Blades. For World 10, it is a voodoo doll(for Black Magic). For World 12, it is the Bow and Arrow.
Weapon Appearance: What does it look like? Please be discriptive or add a picture.

Range of Weapon: How far does it reach? For projectiles, please include maximum and minimum distances.

Extra Features: Are there any added features? This is very limited in the fact that you can only have one.

Please follow these guidelines so it is easier for us. Please use the code to make the application for yourself.

[color=orange]Weapon Group:[/color]

[color=orange]Weapon Name:[/color]

[color=orange]Weapon Tier:[/color]

[color=orange]Weapon Place of Origin:[/color]

[color=orange]Weapon Appearance:[/color]

[color=orange]Range of Weapon:[/color]

[color=orange]Extra Features:[/color]
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Template for a weapon application
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