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 Housing for World 8

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PostSubject: Housing for World 8   Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:05 am

This is where you need to apply for an apartment in the World of 8! Just like I did with the SeeD's dorm, you must follow this:

1. Tell me your name [Your Character name at least]
2. Your age
3. City
4. Male or Female
5. Roomate [Do you care if it is all male or female?]

But unlike get 4 people in one place so we can have more room! Also you get to pick if you care if you have an all girl/boy appartment or not.

And another thing....The people in the millitary will be living with the shop people too...More fun this way!

*You can not ask for a House to begin with....that costs money that you can buy by yourself or help someone else with buying one....Houses will come later.
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Housing for World 8
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