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 World 9 Character Template

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PostSubject: World 9 Character Template   Sat Oct 02, 2010 2:46 pm

ENTER FIRST AND LAST NAME HERE: You might be wondering....but all the bolded stuff needs to be your name.
[I need you to add your picture here...everyone must have one to be approved! so under your name please!]

World: You might be wondering why....well it get's less confusing just for you to state it now.

Age: Some Jobs have a certen age to be able to get into.

Gender: Pick one...Male or Female?

Appearence: This is where you tell us about what you look like. The picture isn't enough! You must put in at LEAST this much in: Height, Hair color, Eye color, Normal clothes, Body structure. This equals to about 6 sents. This will give you a C- in a grading scale, a pass but barely...

Personality: We want to know what your character is like. To help out, use these to start you off: Likes, Dislikes, Fears, Act in battle, Out of battle, What makes you annoyed? Follow this and you should get about 6 sents. This will give you a C- like I said before.

Strenghts/Weaknesses: Tell us what you're good at. Is it your strenth, speed, your lone wolf personality? And same with your weakneeses. What do you do really badly?

Job: Most people will either be SeeD or military....but for the shop owners you have to have it approved first. Then you say what it is. For those who don't want to be a SeeD, millitary, or a shop owner, say the shop you wish to go into that is open.

Kingdom/ hometown: Do you reside in anone kindom? Or do you just have a home town? Tell us where you came from and how your life was then!

Curent Place: Are you living in the same place as where you were born or did you happen to move to some place else? Tell us which city or kingdom you live at this time.

Race are you a human, Qu, Genome, Burmician, or Black Mage? Tell us what you are! No one likes a stick in the mud.

Class Theif, Knight, all the mages you have ever knlwn, Dragoon, and Soldier. It's like your job, so pick wisely.

Trance what is your trance name an what it looks like. We all know you don't just say 'Me as I am covered in white."

History: Tell us your past and all the way up to now! No forgotten life, and nothing that makes no sence. If you own a shop explain how you got it (Make it sound good!).

Sample Post: Give us an example of how you will be posting....please keep it in 3rd person point of view!

[center][color=#00CCFF][font=Georgia] [size=24]ENTER FIRST AND LAST NAME HERE[/size][/font][/color]








[color=cyan] Kingdom/Hometown:[/color]

[color=cyan]Curent Place:[/color]





[color=cyan]Sample Post:[/color] [/center]
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World 9 Character Template
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