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 Shops/ Jobs for World 10

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PostSubject: Shops/ Jobs for World 10   Tue Sep 14, 2010 12:07 pm

Welcome to the wonderful world of 10. This might be the only place in the wolrds where you not only get to fight monsters, but you also get the chance to play a sport! Enough with this...lets get to the Jobs!

So lets start with most prized and wanted job of all time in this world alone. YOu know it, I know it, we all know it: Blitzball. You know the teams and we'll stick with them for now. We still hav a lot of open spots to fill! It's a first come first serve so get your spot today!:
Al Bhed Psyches~ NO PLAYERS [open: 7 spots]
Besaid Aurochs~ NO PLAYERS [open: 7 spots]
Guado Glories~ NO PLAYERS [open: 7 spots]
Killika Beasts~ NO PLAYERS [open: 7 spots]
Luca Goers~ NO PLAYERS [open: 7 spots]
Ronso Fangs~ NO PLAYERS [open: 7 spots]
But to be able to get in any are these rules: 1. You have to be the same Race to begin with. 2. You have to live there right now to begin with. 3. If it's full then I'm sorry to hear it; better luck next time!.

Now that we have that one out of the way...lets move one to another group. This group you all are also very familiure with. Summoners and Gaurdians. This job is going to only have up to 3 Summoners. but the number of Gaurdians is up to the Summoner.

Next up is Yevon. This will be for those who like order and stableness. Not recomended if you want to fight or anything like that. These people will be in the temples for the most part...if they are not moving around to place to place.

Now for those who love to battle and want to be under a command, the Crusadrers are for you! Follow these brave men and women through their attacks against SIN! If you have no where else to go and don't want to have the life of a player or a Gaurdain can join this! This will more then likely have the most so don't worry about it.

Shops/ Travel Agency is one other you can choose to be. But only one per city or place. Here are the possible shop jobs you can have:
Travel Agency
The bar owner
*Please note: If it is alreay taken you can ask to be a worker. You have to ask the owner first before filling it out.*

Now here is the code:
[color=orange]Charater name: [/color] 
[color=orange]Job Wanted: [/color] {if you are wanting to play Blitzball....You have to have 2 jobs}
[color=orange]City: [/color]
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Shops/ Jobs for World 10
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